Vocal Coaching in English

Singing in English with the correct pronunciation and articulation will give you a real advantage when you go into the studio to record your latest song.  Preparing yourself before that red light comes on in the studio or at a concert (record on!) will also give you the confidence that you need to concentrate on your task… To sing!

You will also be saving yourself money as you don’t have to spend precious studio time on re-doing takes that you are not satisfied with while annoying the other musicians.

Practice and learn to sing in English

The process involves practice above all, and remembering what you have learned in the coaching sessions.

Every singer is different so I concentrate on your own particular needs and styles.

Diction is a very important skill when singing in English, it is one of the prime factors your public and admirers will hone in on… even if they don’t know it.

The words “This and that” are a classic example. Do you struggle with them? They offer a simple yet precise way of seeing if you know what you’re doing. I have some really good exercises to help you master this potential problem.

Another important issue is: what audience are you trying to impress?

If you want to reach a more international public, let’s say outside of Belgium or France, you will have to have a convincing delivery in English. Now think about how many more fans and public in general you could reach ?

This adds up to more sales and streaming/downloads. So the money you invest in coaching will bring you more financial benefits than you could imagine and a more solid background for your career.

This a great example of Dusty Springfield singing “Son of a Preacher Man”. Note the articulation she has while singing a lyric with lots of flowing and difficult articulations.

I can help you reach this level of delivery from my studio in Brussels. Call me on phone number  0496 54 53 39

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